United Forms
Ready to wear collection with Espero Atelier
United Forms_smallUnited Forms_large
Natural sculptures, exhibits in Edit Napoli 2022
The Golden Supper
Collectible pieces for French Cliché Gallery
The Golden Supper_smallThe Golden Supper_large
Dirección Sol
Natural Sculptures, exhibits in Fuori Salone, Milano 2021
Dirección Sol_largeDirección Sol_small
Bijoux collection with Mercedes Salazar
Winter Light
Fine-art photography
by Julien Drach, 2021
Winter Light_largeWinter Light_small
Essence de papier
for Moleskine Foundation and Palais de Tokyo
Essence de papier_smallEssence de papier_large
La Fauna
Furnitures collection, exhibits in Paris Design Week 2021
La Fauna_largeLa Fauna_small
Projects archive
Leather goods
Projects archive_smallProjects archive_large
Travel Kit
Alexandra Senes meets
Serena Cancellier Studio
Travel Kit_largeTravel Kit_small